Aging In Place Home Renovation

Aging In Place Home Renovation

Are you a baby boomer that is getting prepared for your retirement stage in life? If so you may want to think about "aging in place" Tulsa home repair and remodeling. Maybe you are wondering how to take care of your aging parents or another family member or friend with a physical disability. Most senior adults desire to continue living in their Tulsa or Broken Arrow homes so remodeling their home to accomodate the changes they need for living in their home makes sense.

Many retirement centers come with a lot of advantages, still most senior adults would prefer to live in their homes and to be in the familiar place where they live. If it is your desire to be in your home as long as you can, contact our company as soon as possible for evaluation and estimation of the Broken Arrow home repair and remodeling you need to keep you in your home. 

There are many programs available for Broken Arrow senior adults that can financially assist them for expenses of home improvements if they qualify. Information is available at: Refinancing your house or applying for a reverse mortgage to assist you in paying for the Tulsa home repair and remodeling that is needed to have you stay in your house.

Here is a list of ideas for aging in place house renovations.

Electric wheelchairs are typically bigger than manual ones so figure your house renovation on an electric wheelchair.

  1. Make wider doorways - Doorways will need to be made wider beyond a typical 32 inches to fit an electric wheelchair.
  2. Installing a ramp on the insides and outsides of the Broken Arrow home for easier access.
  3. Lightswitches and outlets will need to be moved lower for a person sitting in a wheelchair.
  4. Easy open door handles on exterior and interior doors of the Tulsa house. (see below)


  1. You may want to consider removing or changing to non-slip ceramic tile flooring. Even though it is long lasting and easy to clean, tile can be dangerous when it is wet.
  2. Carpet is the softest flooring you can have, but it also is the most difficult to clean.
  3. Using a wheelchair? Adding a ramp to an uneven room would be a good idea.
  4. Considering adding a handrail for security is a good idea too.
  5. Add nightlights near ramps and handrails and in the kitchen and bathrooms.


A lot of Broken Arrow seniors have installed chair lifts or elevators to get to the second story of their home. If their upstairs is not used very often, think about shutting it off with a door that goes to the second floor. You will also save on your Tulsa utility bills too. Most motorized chair lifts are around $3,000 to $4,000, and an elevator install is typically around $20,000. The Renovator OK will be there to help you in completing your Tulsa home repair and remodel in a quick time and within your budget. You can trust our company.


  1. Bath Tub: Many senior adults accidents take place in the bathtub and shower. Consider adding a shower or walk-in bathtub with grab bars that installed by pros.
  2. Sinks: Cold and hot water faucets and the mirror should be able to be reached and seen from the wheelchair.
  3. Toilets: Installing a higher toilet so you can get on and off easier. This is an easy solution that can stop a lot of falling and cause less injury to a senior who has knee issues.
  4. Flooring: Does your bathroom have ceramic tile? If so think about replacing it with carpet or linoleum. Both floorings are softer. You can also buy linoleum that is slip resistant. Thick padding under your flooring will decrease the chances of injury that is caused by falling.
  5. Automatic nightlights could assist senior adults see in areas such as a bathroom or closet.
  6. Installing a lower nightlight between the bed and bathroom can decrease falls too.


  1. Lowering the countertop 30 inches so it is more accessible for senior in wheelchairs. /li>
  2. Installing slide in-and-out cutting boards is great for wheelchair users.
  3. All outlets should be able to be reached from the wheelchair. So think about adding additional plug-ins in the "sides" of your cabinets.
  4. Having a professioanlly installed a micro/convection oven in the lower cabinet will also assist those in wheelchairs stay independent.


These could be lowered and raised to accomodate a person using a wheelchair.

"Childproof twist" to the plug-ins, can be difficult for those with limited ability. You may wan to remove them.

Remote control dimmers are great at to dimming the lighting while watching tv or reading to keep the room being too dark when moving around.

Stairs and uneven flooring (including ramps) should have nightlights shining on them.

If want to live in your home and keep your independence, our company will design a safe home for you.

 Contact our company today and discover how we can help you enjoy the comforts of your home while remaining independent and safe.

Every estimate is at no cost to you. Contact us or call anytime to speak to one of our experts about your Aging In Place home project. 918-260-1423.