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Aging In Place Home Renovation

If you are one of the many baby boomers preparing for retirement now may be the time to consider "aging in place" Tulsa home repair and remodeling. Perhaps you are considering how best to care for your aging parents or another loved one with disabilities. More seniors than ever want to stay in their home so it makes sense to remodel to accomodate the changes needed for living as a senior.

While assisted living facilites come with perks, many seniors would rather live at home to stay in their familiar environment. If you are someone who would like to remain at home as long as possible, call us to evaluate and estimate the Tulsa home repair and remodeling you need to make that possible. 

There are programs for seniors that will help pay for cost of home improvements if you qualify financially. You can find more information on this by visiting: ElderCare.gov for more details. You may consider also refinancing your home or investigating in a reverse mortgage to help you pay for the Tulsa home repair and remodeling needed to keep you in your home.

Here are the top suggestions for aging in place home renovation.

Electric wheelchairs are generally larger than manual so base your home renovations on an electric one.

  1. Widen doorway - Doorways will need to be expanded beyond 32 inches to accomodate a wheelchair.
  2. Install ramps inside and outside for easy access.
  3. Lightswitches and outlets need to be adjusted to accomodate someone sitting in a chair.
  4. Easy open door handles on exterior and interior doors. (see below)


  1. Consider removing or changing to a non-slip ceramic tile. While it is durable and easy to maintain, tile can be hazardous when wet.
  2. While carpet is the softest surface, it also requires the most work to clean.
  3. If you have a wheelchair, add a ramp for rooms that are uneven.
  4. Consider adding a handrail for security purposes.
  5. Add nightlights where there is a ramp or handrail and in bathrooms and kitchens.


Many people install a chair lift or elevator to reach the upper story. If the upstairs is rarely used, then consider closing it off with a door that leads to the upstairs. This can save on utilities as well. The average cost of a motorized chair lift is between $3,000 and $4,000, while an elevator installation is usually over $20,000. Whatever your budget allows, The Renovator OK will be there to complete your Tulsa home repairs and remodeling in a timely manner and within budget. You can count on us.


  1. Bath Tub: Most accidents where seniors fall are in the tub. Consider adding a shower or walk-in tub with grab bars professionally installed.
  2. Sinks: Hot and cold water and mirror should be reached and seen from a wheelchair.
  3. Toilets: Install a taller toilet - specially built for getting off and on easier. This simple step can save many falls and less injury if a person has knee problems.
  4. Flooring: If you have ceramic tile in your bathroom, consider replacing it with carpet or linoleum. Both are softer if you fall and you can purchase linoleum that is slip resistant. Good padding under the flooring will decrease the likelihood of injuries caused by falling.
  5. Automatic nightlights may help seniors see in small places like bathrooms and closets.
  6. Installing a lower nightlight between the bed and bathroom may prevent falls as well.


  1. Lower countertops to be 30 inches high to be more accessible for wheelchairs.
  2. Slide in-and-out cutting boards are much more wheelchair accessible.
  3. Outlets should be able to be reached from the wheelchair so consider adding additional plug-ins on the "sides" of cabinets.
  4. Installing a micro/convection oven in the lower cabinets can also help those in wheelchairs stay independent.


These may need to be lowered and raised to accomodate a wheelchair.

If there are "childproof twist" to the plug-ins, you might consider removing those as they are difficult for those with limited ability.

Remote control dimmers are handy to dim the light while watching tv or reading to avoid the room being too dark when moving around.

Stairs and uneven flooring (including ramps) should have nightlights shining on them.

If your preference is to live at home and maintain your independence, we can help create a safer environment for you to do so with Tulsa home repairs and remodeling for you.

 Call us today and see how we can help you enjoy the comforts of your home while staying independent and safe.

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